About Us


The original Mother Seton School (the old blue school on South Seton Avenue, Emmitsburg) was built as a temporary location, planned to last 10 years.

Now, 60 years later, she is being put to rest. Due to failing infrastructure, original building materials now deemed unsafe and local water table issues, Old Blue is being respectfully laid to rest by WF Delauter. The land will be returned to farming acreage, much like it was when Samuel Sutherland Cooper gave 269 acres to Mother Elizabeth Ann Seton for the establishment of the sisterhood in Emmitsburg in 1809.

The Daughters of Charity used the building to house the Mother Seton School, the original Outreach services including Catholic Charities, the Thrift Shop and child care. We served the community and offered space to others for nearly 50 years from this abandoned building.

We are grateful to all the Sisters, community partners, neighbors, teachers, students, program participants and customers who have built such strong attachment to each other and the community. We look forward to continue building Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton’s legacy at 226 East Lincoln Avenue. Thanks also to Thurmont Mayor John Kinnaird and neighbor/volunteer Debbie Fragale for capturing these images for us.

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Mission Statement 

Our mission is to work with our neighbors to build a hopeful future, in the Spirit of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, through a focus on the self-sufficiency and well-being of the whole person.

 Vision Statement

Seton Center will be a leading northern Frederick County, Maryland resource for emergency support services and skill development, catalyzing systemic change for a more vibrant, healthy community.

Core Values

  • Collaboration – Partnering with individuals and community organizations to advocate for social justice.
  • Respect – Recognizing the God-given value of each person
  • Stewardship – Being responsible in managing the resources entrusted to our care
  • Simplicity – Acting with integrity, clarity and honesty
  • Creativity – Being resourceful, inventive and open to opportunities

Many of the families we serve are working people living at or below the poverty or ALICE Report income levels. Often times people who work hard to be self-sufficient find that even a minor emergency can result in unpaid bills or loss of housing. Sponsored and staffed by the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent DePaul, local residents and many volunteers, the Center provides services to all members of the community.

At Seton Center we are committed to serving each client and customer with great hospitality and respect. We believe in the true meaning of charity which is love. Whether the need is advocacy, information, material or financial aid, or a great bargain, we strive to meet these needs with integrity so that all those seeking charity find an experience of love.

Seton Center’s programs:

  • Address basic human needs
  • Stem homelessness
  • Build strong, healthy families
  • Provide referral services
  • Maintain the health of seniors
  • Provide comfort to the home bound
  • Support the transition out of poverty

In continuous operation as a social service organization in our local communities since 1969, Seton Center programs and services fill the unmet needs that county and local governments, schools and other non-profits do not provide. For specific questions, to get more information or be added to our newsletter list, click here and let us know your need.

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