DePaul Dental

“May your presence and care to those most in need reflect the gentleness, esteem, and dignity we see reflected in the life and work of Jesus.”    

~ St. Vincent DePaul


Area dentists and oral surgeons provide critical, adult dental services at reduced rates with compassion and dignity.

The DePaul Dental program works with area dentists and oral surgeons to provide adult dental services at reduced rates. Clients are interviewed for eligibility and services are provided to residents of northern Frederick County. Applications are accepted on a rolling-basis as funding permits.

Having access to dental services has long-reaching effects

  • reducing pain
  • reducing visits to emergency rooms or urgent care
  • lifting self-esteem
  • increasing job attendance
  • opening new employment opportunities
  • improving the overall health of the community.

Seton Center can only reach these goals through the generous support of the participating dental providers, donors and grant monies.

NEW FEATURE! DePaul Dental Health Club

Our goal is to provide the resources needed for our adult neighbors to improve their dental health and prevent serious illness. Contact Program Coordinator Sister Roberta Treppa at 301.447.6102 x 20 or to see if the DePaul Dental Health Club is a good option for you.

Dental Workshops

The DePaul Dental Health Club offers FREE workshops to help you maintain a healthy mouth and prevent future issues. Whether you have natural teeth or dentures, oral health is important.

March 5 from 1:30-3 PM – Denture Boot Camp at Seton Center
Do you have dentures but have issues with them? Are you in the process of getting dentures? Are you thinking about getting dentures in the future? Then Denture Boot Camp at Seton Center is for you.  You will learn:

  • All about dentures, or have a refresher of what your dentist may have explained to you.
  • What to expect during the process of preparing to get dentures (extractions, molds, fittings and adjustments).
  • What to expect during the first weeks (and months) of wearing dentures
  • And more!

April 19 from 1:30-3 PM – Stress and Oral Health by Dr. Levy and Kelly Mays.
Do you clench or grind your teeth? Does your jaw hurt sometimes? Do you get stress headaches? Are you stressed out and not sure how it could be affecting you? This workshop will help to understand:

  • What is stress and how can you control it?
  • How is stress affecting your overall health?
  • What is stress doing to your teeth?
  • And MORE

Unless otherwise noted, these FREE workshops are held at our location, 16840 South Seton Avenue, Emmitsburg MD. Registration is REQUIRED by completing the form below or calling Sister Roberta at 301.447.6102 x 20. Stay tuned or “Like” and follow our Outreach Office Facebook page for updates on future workshops.

Our Outstanding Dental Partners Include:

Dr. Dinesh Boppana, DMD MPH of Frederick Community Dental
Dr. Timothy Bringardner, DDS, Emmitsburg MD
Dr. Michael St. A. Brown, DDS of Affordable Dentures, Hagerstown MD
Dr. Michael Hargadon, DDS of Dha Dental, Emmitsburg MD
Dr. Mark S. Hoffrichter DDS, Frederick MD
Dr. Harvey Levy & Associates, Frederick MD
Dr. Richard Love, DDS of Catoctin Dental, Thurmont MD
Dr. Sherri J. Dale McGee, DDS of Affordable Dentures, Jessup MD
Mid-Maryland Oral Surgery, Frederick MD
Monocacy Health Partners, Frederick MD

Our Generous Funding Partners Include:

The Community Foundation of Frederick County
The Daughters of Charity Trexler Fund
The Delaplaine Foundation
The Frederick County Department of Aging
Raskob Foundation for Catholic Activities
St. Joseph College’s Alumni 50th Reunion Classes

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